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Your business needs direction and a plan to follow in order to achieve success in reaching your business goals. What better way to do that than with strategic planning assistance.  You can get small business strategic planning services from Clerical Business Solutions (CBS) Email: , contact person is Renee.

In case you didn’t know strategic planning isn’t the same as business planning, even though they both have some similarities. Sometimes the confusion can come from when strategic planning & business planning are used interchangeably, but they are not interchangeable to the professional.

When you develop a strategic planning process, a documented strategic plan is created. That’s what Clerical Business Solutions can assist you with, is the creation & documentation of your strategic plans. That plan is used to communicate direction throughout your organization, manage progress over time, needed changes & improvements. Business planning and strategic planning are two different things.

  • Business planning centers around a specific product or services.
  • Strategic planning centers around daily business decision making & yearly or quarterly management of your business.

Your business requires a vision and planning as well as a clear understanding of business and personal values. Wth your vision & strategic plan, your company:

  • becomes more customer/client focus -driven
  • improves its ability to manage change
  • and able to move toward continuous growth & improvements

Strategic plans become key documents in helping a business achieve its goals and a guide in day-to-day decision making. So get started by contacting Clerical Business Solutions today!!! Email: